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“Mim ê Bô” is a bridge among the Lusophone universe with the special participations of Bana, Boss AC and Zeca Baleiro

The wait is over. Fifteen years without releasing an album of originals, Tito Paris, the great ambassador of Cape Verdean music, now launches the long awaited album titled “Mim ê Bô” that counts on the special participations of the late king of morna Bana, Boss AC and Brazilian musician Zeca Baleiro. Touring all over the world during these years to promote his music and the music of Cape Verde, he had no choice but to postpone his album.

The beloved son of Cape Verde presents a multicultural work, where the immense Lusophone world can be contained, all the influences and experiences of the most recent Commander of the Order of Merit in Portugal. “Mim ê Bô” was made with due calm, with no pressure, because “an album is a work of art, it goes beyond the life of its author,” explains Tito Paris. The album “Mim ê Bô” illustrates the cultural diversity that has accompanied his life, with deep Cape Verdean roots and very strong ties to Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

The album comprises 13 tracks, with Ruela Music label and distribution of Sony Music. There you can hear the hoarse and unmistakable voice of Tito Paris that preserves its roots when singing in Creole. “Mim ê Bô”, the single of presentation and which the album was named after, was inspired in a beautiful story of friendship, now eternalized in a coladera according to his style. There is also a well-deserved tribute to the king of the morna, Bana, who recorded the theme “Resposta de Segredo Cu Mar” by B. Leza, shortly before his death.

Above all, “Mim ê Bô” offers what Tito Paris has always got us used to: an album composed of mornascoladeras, but also a fusion of warm rhythms, which if we close our eyes for a moment we feel part of this universe. This is what Tito Paris is looking for, to make us feel what Cape Verde is about and what Lusophone is, because there is more to what brings us closer than what makes us apart. The Portuguese-speaking countries are only geographically separated, the union is felt culturally, it can hardly be explained and “Mim ê Bô” promotes this bridge among cultures.

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12th October 2018 – With Sara Tavares – De Roma – Antwerp – Belgium

13th October 2018 – With Sara Tavares – Philharmonie Luxembourg – Switzerland

29th September 2018 – 1066 Festival Suíça – Epalinges – Luxembourg

27th April 2018 – La Cigale – Paris – France

  • 1987 Fidjo Maguado
  • 1994 Dança Ma Mi Criola
  • 1996 Graça De Tchega
  • 1998 Ao vivo no B.Leza
  • 1999 Ao vivo
  • 2002 Guilhermina
  • 2005 Acústico (African Edition)
  • 2007 Acústico (European Edition)
  • 2010 Mozamverde
  • 2017 Mim ê Bô

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