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It is unanimously considered one of the reference voices of the new fado.

On the edge of editing her second album of originals, Fábia Rebordão presents herself to the public with a renewed image and with the certainty that the year 2016 will be another milestone in her career.

She was born in Lisbon on March 28, 1985. At the age of 15, she falls in love with fado, with the voice of Amália Rodrigues, of whom he is still a cousin, and begins to sing professionally in the typical houses of Alfama, namely Taverna do Embuçado, Clube de Fado, among others.

Although fado is the great matrix of his passion for music, her musical influences range from soul, bossa nova, warmth, blues and jazz.

It is this versatility that leads Fábia to participate in the second edition of Operation Triumph Contest, of which she is one of the finalists and where her name becomes known to the general public.

In 2010 she is invited by the Italian singer Vinicio Capossela to participate in his concert and perform at HIFA FESTIVAL in Zimbabwe, considered one of the 5 most important festivals in the world.

In 2011 she releases her debut album produced by singer/songwriter/producer Jorge Fernando, which features the participation of Lura, a Cape Verdean singer, and with Celeste Rodrigues fado singer. A giant landmark in Fado history.

In the same year, she performs in the big and emblematic New York Room “Carnegie Hall” and is invited by the great fado singer Mariza to perform with her in two major concerts in Belgrade and Budapest.

In 2012 she is distinguished by the Amália Foundation with the Amália Rodrigues Revelation Award and the renowned Jornal Expresso considers her one of the 50 revelation personalities of the year.

Between national and international stages, the year 2016 marks the return of Fábia Rebordão to the Albums.

The production of the new unpublished album is signed once again by Jorge Fernando, but with New Max and Hugo Novo. In addition, her own compositions, she has the collaboration of Rui Veloso, Jorge Fernando, Dino d’Santiago, Tozé Brito and Pedro da Silva Martins in the themes.

An album that has the soul of fado, but that congregates the different musical references of Fábia, in a very peculiar sound identity.


Artist Video Presentation

Artist music video

4th December 2018 –  Muziekgebouw Eindhoven – Eindhoven – Netherlands

5th December 2018 –  De Oosterpoort – Groningen  – Netherlands

6th December  2018 –  Tivoli Vredenburg – Utrecht – Netherlands

8th December  2018 –  Doelen – Rotterdam  – Netherlands

9th December  2018 –  Theaters Tilburg – Tilburg   – Netherlands

10th October  2018 –  Wejherowskie Centrum Kultury – Wejherowo – Poland

11th October  2018 –  Centrum Kultury Dwór Artusa – Torún  – Poland

12th October  2018 –  Sieradzkie Centrum Kultury – Sieradz  – Poland

13th October 2018  –  Palladium – Warsaw – Poland

14th October  2018 –  Klub Wytwórnia – Lódz  – Poland

15th October  2018 –  Stary Klasztor – Wroclaw  – Poland

16th October  2018 –  Blue Note Poznań – Poznan  – Poland

17th October 2018 –  Teatr Stary w Lublinie – Lublin – Poland

18th October  2018 –  Teatr Stary w Lublinie – Lublin – Poland

29th September  2018 –  Palácio Baldaya – Lisbon – Portugal

28th September  2018 –  Castelo de Óbidos – Óbidos – Portugal

15th September  2018 –  Festival das Sopas de Peixe – Vila Velha de Ródão – Portugal

1st July  2018 –  Lagoa Wine Show – Lagoa – Portugal

3rd March  2018 –  Festival Sons Do Fado ’18 – Lagoa – Portugal

  • 2006 Nostalgia
  • 2011 Fado à Oitava Côr
  • 2016 Eu

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