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It is difficult to recognize the Sara Tavares that was revealed to us more than 20 years ago.

Her first album was recorded with the gospel choir, Shout!; the second, “Mi Ma Bô”,was produce by the super talented musician and producer Lokua Kanza that created a fusion sound between afro-pop-soul, rarely tried in Portugal that would make it to Gold award. Both records were giant steps towards a personal and non-transferable sound, where her Cape Verdean roots, her love for soul music and natural ease with the melodies contributed to the creation of a true music of the world. “Balancê”, the third album, proved her talent was not willing to stay inside closed drawers; it became Sara’s international business card and It was edited around the world.

It was also the confirmation that Sara is a singer-songwriter capable of blending Africa and Europe with a unique sensability. Sara was finally recognized by her crossover talent (in Portugal, “Balancê” reached the platinum award) and by the international critic (Sara Tavares was nominated as a Breakthrough Artist for the BBC World Music Awards in 2007). As Sara Tavares traveled, her experiences enriched her music. Through time she developed a growing confidence in her voice. But all travels must come to an end and returning home is essencial to recover energy and decide the next destination. It’s precisely this homecoming that Sara Tavares invites us all to experience with “Xinti”. Discovering these 14 songs is to understand how Sara’s talent grows in each new journey. In 2011 Sara Tavares wins the Best Female Voice Award at the Cape Verde Music Awards; collaborates in studio with several artists and shares experiences and stages with Nelly Furtado and Joss Stone at several summer festivals. 2015 was a year of artistic collaborations both on records and on stage: Sara paired with names like, Nana Vasconcelos, Lee Ritenour, António Chaínho, Ferro Gaita, just to name a few.

In 2016 Sara releases her first single “Coisas Bunitas” to announce her new album to be released in 2017.

In 2017 Sara Tavares returned to the studio. “Fitxadu” (meaning: Close to my heart, in kriol from the cape verdean islands) is the name of her fifth album of originals, where she shared the musical production and writing of her songs with names like, Loony Johnson , Princezito, Nancy Vieira, Manecas Costa, Paulo Flores, Boddi Satva, Condutor or Kalaf Epalanga (Buraka Som Sistema) among many others. In this album we can find “Ginga”, a long awaited song never released on record before, or “Brincar de Casamento”, which is born from a collaboration with Toty Sa’Med and Kalaf Epalanga.

2018 is the year for Sara to go back on tour and present “Fitxadu” to the world. Considered by many critics “the most courageous record of her career”.

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26th October 2018 – Casa da Criatividade – São João da Madeira – Portugal

3rd November 2018 – Auditório Municipal do Seixal– Seixal – Portugal

28th November 2018 – Foro FIL – Guadalajara, Jalisco – Mexico

13th October 2018 – With Tito Paris – Philharmonie Luxembourg – Luxembourg

12th October 2018 – With Tito Paris – De Roma – Antwerp – Belgium

6th October 2018 – Teatro Diogo Bernardes – Ponte de Lima – Portugal

29th September 2018 – Madeira – Portugal

23rd September 2018 – Festival Iminente – Lisbon – Portugal

30th August 2018 – Palmela – Portugal

18th August 2018 – Festival Sol da Caparica – Caparica – Portugal

12th August 2018 – Mértola – Portugal

10th August 2018 – Festival Bons Sonhos 2018 – Santarém – Portugal

29th July 2018 – Festival Al-buhera – Albufeira – Portugal

28th July 2018 – Festival Musicas do Mundo – Sines – Portugal

18th July 2018 – Soirée Paris / Lisboa – Paris – France

11th July 2018 – EDP Cool Jazz – Cascais – Portugal

10th July 2018 – Córdoba – Espanha

5th July 2018 – Rock in Rio Lisboa – Torres Novas – Portugal

28th June 2018 – Festival MED – Loulé – Portugal

24th June 2018 – Rock in Rio Lisboa – Lisbon – Portugal

19th May 2018 – AZGO Festival – Mozambique

28th April 2018 – Auditório Municipal de Lousada – Lousada – Portugal

19th April 2018 – Stary Maneż – Sieta Festival Gdanks Poland

6th April 2018 – De Doelen – Rotterdam – Netherlands

5th April 2018 – Muziekgebouw Eindhoven – Eindhoven – Netherlands

2nd March 2018 – Teatro José Lúcio da Silva – Leiria – Portugal

16th February 2018 – Theatro Circo – Braga – Portugal

14th February 2018 – Teatro das Figuras – Faro – Portugal

13th February 2018 – With Agathe Iracema – Alhambra – Paris – France

  • 1994 Chamar a Música
  • 1996 Sara Tavares & Shout
  • 1999 Mi Ma Bô
  • 2006 Balancê
  • 2008 Alive! in Lisboa
  • 2009 Xinti
  • 2016 Coisas Bunitas
  • 2017 Brincar de Casamento
  • 2017 Fitxadu
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